Skin & Bones

Skin & Bones album cover.

Mark Brown’s long-awaited new CD, Skin and Bone, is finally here. And skin and bone it is, as it rips off the veneer of happy faces and genteel manners—forget easy living—and reveals the pain, longing, and despair you feel sometimes, be it for a lifeless tractor, a gal who just ain’t gonna be there, or just because the moon makes a face at you. Herein lies an artistic dilemma: if you only sing about happy things, you run out of material real quick.

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can't win - Chilling Sunday

Mark Brown

See You Next Time

Skin & Bones



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Skin & Bones Reviews

Americana artist Mark Brown’s affinity with song-writing was originally inspired by an introduction to the work of Johnny Cash when he was just six years old. It was then that the seeds were sewn of a career that now spans more than a quarter of a century. The Maryland native recently returned to the studio to record Skin and Bone; his first full length outing since 2005. Read More.


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